SEMISILVESTRE Amadeo Morelos & Noah El Hachem

Alessandro Albanese
Opening reception Wednesday 15 September 2021, from h 6.30 pm
15 September – 30 October 2021
Via Cosimo del Fante 14
20122 Milano

The Alessandro Albanese gallery is pleased to present “Semisilvestre”, a two-person exhibition by Amadeo Morelos and Noah El Hachem, curated by Domenico de Chirico.

With a strongly forested flavor, full of symbolism, poised between bold joie de vivre and introspective intensity, “Semisilvestre” presents a curious and irreverent scenario in which on the one hand the gods of Olympus or a series of mythological characters with features coexist animalistic, bucolically laid down in their pompous and voluptuous poses that excel in the lively canvases of the very young Mexican artist, born in 1992, Amadeo Morelos e on the other, a courteous and visceral stream of consciousness that manifests itself through the omnipresence of human eyes, curious yet indifferent, fleeting but serene, alive, large and bright, whose inclined, alert and scrutinizing gazes are the undisputed protagonists of emblematic paintings by the prodigious and equally young German artist Noah El Hachem, born in 1998.

Amadeo Morelos’ work is a relentless attempt to deepen relationships interpersonal in a hyper-tamed world. He goes in search of deeper values pushing itself within, therefore beyond the surface, of culture, in an attempt to improve it understanding of the most intrinsic human qualities. Morelos is extremely interested in the relationship between the craving for admiration and the search for empathy. His paintings they often borrow from classical art, from philosophy, from mythology so that they can to blend contemporary, mythical and autobiographical symbols. A pathetic and humorous attempt at to relate his worldly and fleeting experience with the glorious spectacle of the gods ancient myths, where figures reminiscent of contemporary body building take on the role of the strong Hercules. In doing so he tries to question the grandiose sense that the myth and folklore give to life, imperceptible in present experience. Objects like weightlifting supplements, clothes, flowers, crowns, thong, along with blanks fantastic and often grotesque characters, create ambiguous narratives, as well as points of access, reading keys to the work, thus creating, through chromatic compositions and choreographic, poetic and sensorial scenarios, self-portraits destined to embody hopes, dreams, mental and emotional states. This approach opens the door to further fields of research of psychological matrix since each job turns out to be both a real window of introspection is a quest for a deeper understanding of human nature.

The works of Noah El Hachem have been entirely produced during the past 3 years at the Slade School in London. Apart from the characterizing element of the portrait in the paintings, El Hachem paints through pure stages of imagination and not through images computer generated, a feature that is often mistakenly associated with his paintings of him. The artist’s desire, through his masterfully painted paintings, which seem to exist thanks to their intrinsic force of gravity, is to transmit sensations of balance and composure in the observer. Strongly influenced by the world architecture and in particular by Hector Guimard, French architect and exponent of prominent of the French Art Nouveau, and by the German Peter Behrens, whose styles he engraved visibly on his pictorial technique, El Hachem consciously plays with the use of recurring elements in his paintings, including leaves, juggling repetition geometric, angularity, decorations and symbolism in the most hidden corner of the forest.